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Signature personalized knee replacement

MRI/CT Navigation

If you are under Medicare age and your doctor has told you you may benefit from a knee replacement your options are getting much better!  Most orthopedic conditions can be treated now as an outpatient and this includes partial or total knee replacement.  There is no magic injection (at least not yet) that will restore your knee to its original state and if your knee is arthritic, and you live long enough, replacement becomes the option.  

For the past 10 years I have used the Signature Personalized knee navigation system for total and partial knee replacement.  MRI images (or CT if MRI not an option) are taken of your hip, knee, and ankle prior to surgery.  These images are sent to a company (Materialize) to create custom instruments used during your surgery that are based on your anatomy.  This allows as close to perfect placement of your partial or total knee replacement, crucial for the younger patient

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If you are under age 65 or have non-Medicare insurance coverage and have been told you have arthritis of the knee please contact us.  Outpatient partial or total knee replacement may be the perfect option for you!


Signature total knee


Oxford partial knee